Thank Yous

Thank Yous

We have so many thank yous.  Please forgive us if we have missed you out.

Thank you to Simon Gibson in Donnington for his expertise in helping set up our new website.  Simon has given freely of his time and this is SO appreciated.

Thank you to for publishing information about the Fete on their What’s On in June site – Cotswolds Tour Guide page

Thank you to David Walker for innumerable bits of work and general support to the Fete Team.  We couldn’t have done it without you, David.

And, similarly to David Beard.  Thank you, David.

AND a very big thank you to Colin Greenslade and Kate Magson, Donnington, for kindly designing and giving the new road signs bringing the Fete ever more up to date.

Thank you to Lucy Sivalingam who is a superb and efficient help to the team.

Thank you to Vanessa and Colin Gibson for, once again, organising and running the Dog Show.  It is always such a great success.

Thank you to Tash Whitmore for her skill and help with the artwork for our posters.

Thank you to Stow School, Evenlode VIllage Hall and Oddington Village Hall for the loan of tables, chairs, etc.

Thank you to Cheltenham School for loaning us ‘Splat the Rat’.

Thank you to Paul Teague for kindly lending his barn for collection of items, for his fields for parking and for loaning us large quantities of straw bales.

Thank you to Sandra Loder for all her help with flowers.

Thank you to Kiloran McGrigor of Wren House B&B and The Granary Self-Catering cottage in Donnington for funding and managing the website for 2017 and 2018.

AND to everyone else who has helped us – there are too many to mention individually – a very big THANK YOU from the Fete Team – Rebecca Ross, Helen McNeill, Pat Beard, Linda Walker and Kiloran McGrigor.